Goldfish Sauce: Fruit Smasher & Squish


 All e-liquid was purchased with my own money for personal use. Reviews are based off of my own personal opinion. All juice was tested at 6mg 20PG/80VG on a Subtank Mini with 0.5Ω clapton coil and a Serpent Mini RTA with a 0.5Ω coil.




The Bottles & Labeling

So the first aspect under consideration for this review is the packaging. I must say, I really like these bottles. They have a very solid child-resistant safety cap. Underneath the cap is a  very thin needle tip. This makes it great for any atomizer that has smaller fill holes. The downside is that transferring 20ml from a 100ml bottle in to a more pocket friendly bottle requires a little bit of patience.

On the left hand side of the label we have the PG:VG ratio clearly indicated along with the nicotine strength. Above this is an instruction to store in a dark place, along with the recommended steeping time. This is 12 days for both of the e-liquids. This is a fantastic element to the labeling, and one I hope more e-liquid vendors start to include on their bottles. On the right hand side we have your standard ingredients list and nicotine warning.My only problem with the bottles is that I could not find a created/mixed on date.

Fruit Smasher – 8/10


DescriptionThe main flavour is pomegranate with copious amounts of fruits and berries all blended together for an over the top fruit flavoured liquid.

To start off I want to say this is a fantastic juice. After popping off the cap and taking a whiff, I’m met with light tones of berrys, and a raspberry scent slightly outshining the rest. The juice is a clear yellow colour.

After tasting, I didn’t find any individual fruit flavour stood out from the rest. It is a light vape, perfect for an ADV on a warm day. The flavour is more of real fruit taste than candy. It is not overly sweet, but it definitely is not lacking in flavour! As an after dinner vape, it wont be the first juice I reach for after a meal but it’s not too far down the list.

Squish – 8.5/10

Mixed Fruits and Menthol

DescriptionFleshy tropical fruits mixed with sweet slices of melon, this juice is an easy summer vape kicked up a gear with a menthol hit. Not an overly sweet juice, perfect as an ADV for menthol lovers.

This was my favourite of the two. The scent is very familiar. Honeydew melon is the main tone, with something else lingering in the background. The liquid is a clear, light orange/pink in colour.

A delicious honeydew melon on the inhale with a faint taste of tropical fruits. The menthol kicks in on the exhale, and combines with the sweetness of the melon to give a very satisfying vape. This is not a menthol that will clear your airways, but adds a fantastic element to this juice. Another contender for a light and smooth ADV! I found this juice was better suited  as an after dinner vape (not to be confused with an ADV) as it is a little bit sweeter, and the menthol really helps satisfy a that craving after a large meal.


These are two great juices that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Cloud production was as expected for a 20 PG / 80 VG juice. Fruit Smasher’s flavour could have been a small bit more intense for my tastes, but at £10 for a 50ml bottle its a fantastic deal. Squish was the clear winner in my eyes. The honeydew melon is mouth-watering. These are two juice I recommend if the profiles sound right to you!

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