NovaVapes: The Novajuice Line


 All e-liquid was sent to me for the purpose of review. Reviews are based off of my own personal opinion. All juice was tested at 6mg 20PG/80VG across a range of devices


Strawberry Milk

Voted juice of the year for 2015 by the subreddit ECR_EU! A smooth and creamy milkshake blend with a strawberry body. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth! Our prized juice and all time favourite!

So, I’m going to have to start with the poster boy. It is recommended that you leave this one to steep for at least a week to really get the optimal flavour from this juice as Novavapes e-liquid is made to order.

It had a big name to live up to, but it more than succeeded. While the strawberry wasn’t as strong as I had hoped, it was definitely there, subtlety permeating the whole vape. The star of the juice is the smooth milkshake taste that makes up the body. Not overly sweet, it combines with the strawberry undertones to give a really smooth vape that you wont get sick of. I really enjoyed this flavour with my after meal vape. It made for a lovely dessert.



Grahams Custard

A delightfully thick and creamy custard with a beautiful body of Golden Graham’s! This cereal based vape is best paired with a cup of coffee. Recommended to let this one steep for a few weeks, fantastic juice.

Another simple profile. Keeping things simple is working great so far. A very smooth custard that I found had a bare hint of vanilla. It wasn’t anything major, but it was there tying the flavours together. I found this was a great morning vape, as I feel the sweeter juices are too harsh at that time of the day. The flavours were simple. Lovely custard.




 A classic New York Cheesecake with a creamy lemon blend. Solace is a beautifully layered dessert which makes a great all day vape! 

Another fantastic dessert profile. This is just straight cheesecake. You guys know what I’m talking about here. It is full of flavour on the inhale and the lemon kicks in on the exhale giving it a nice tart finish. It doesn’t have too much of that cloying feel that I find some cheesecakes can get. Another juice best left steeped to really bring out its best.




A delicious mix of peanut butter, raspberry and strawberry. Comet will leave your taste buds wanting more!

What comes up must come down and sometimes you miss. I wasn’t expecting too much from this juice as peanut butter isn’t my favourite, but I found the combination of the fruity raspberry combined with the nutty dessert just too strange for my taste buds.It was a clash of flavours that was very intense. After getting used to the flavour I found it more palatable but I think this is an acquired taste.



Tropical Glacier

A blend of tropical fruits with a crisp and icy tone. A refreshingly sweet and minty delight for them warm summer days.  The cool peppermint touch accompanying the fruity tone makes for a very tasty juice!

Now we’ve moved on to the menthols. Do you remember Foxes glacier mints? Well take them, and combine them with their fruity version. Melt it down, and stick it in a bottle. That’s what we have here. The main body is a nice menthol, not too powerful. It wont give that throat tickle. It is surrounded by a range of tropical fruits with zesty tones standing out.



Cobra Venom

A unique favourite that offers a delicate blend of citrus, fruits and peppermint to bring a refreshing fruity and menthol bite. A highly recommended juice, not to be missed!

Here we have my favourite from the line. This one has a bite to it. It has a mouth-watering inhale full of citrus fruits, and berries, that ends with a peppermint bite. Although for the menthol lovers who want that sinus kick you might call it a nibble. The main emerging fruit is constantly changing and impossible to pin down in this aptly named beast.



Sour Fruit Crush

A special and unique blend of sour and sweet fruits to give a tangy taste that is enjoyable all round. Sour fruit Crush is a mixture of apples, pears, melons and more with an added sour bite! Sour Fruit Crush is a delicious and wonderful juice, allowing for a complex mixture of flavours without being overpowering, the sourness sits just right and leaves a tingle on the tongue.

A mouthful of a description but this has the flavour to back it up. This is a very candied mix of fruits with the pear and melon flavours standing out the most. I’m not sure if it’s the pear or some secret ingredient, but the sour kick is delightful. It will leave a slight tingle in your mouth. This is one for those with a sweet tooth, and one of the standouts on this line.



Rainbow Dust

A complex juice that gains it’s roots from rainbow sherbet. A distinct and unique taste Rainbow Dust offers a different vaping experience and a variety of different tastes on inhale and exhale. For something different and an all round great juice, Rainbow dust is just fantastic!

This e-liquid left me scratching my head trying to place the distinct flavour. It wasn’t until I was on my last tank of it that it hit me. Love Hearts. Novavapes has managed to bottle those little white discs of emotion. It’s almost an exact replication of the flavour. Another very sweet juice that i found was a bit too sweet to vape all day, even for me.



Orange Nimbus

A pleasantly smooth breakfast orange with a natural and crisp mango tone. A tasty and refreshing juice with a natural taste will sure leave you wanting more!

I don’t have too much to say about this one. It disappointed me. Mango is one of my favourite flavours but I just couldn’t find any in this. I found the orange to be  quite nice but it was a little bit too sweet for how I like oranges. Overall it was an average Orange juice.




Designed by /u/maniacpsycho of the /r/ecr_eu community, the competition win for Reddit’s birthday! A candy like raspberry with a pomegranate and passion fruit undertone.

This is the last juice on the line, and a very sweet one. The main tone to this e-liquid is the delicious candied raspberry. The pommegranete emerges on the exhale to combine with the passionfruit to dull the candy sweetness into a more natural sweetness. Overall a very tasty juice if you are looking for a candied raspberry.


Bottles and Labels

The packaging hits nearly all the right boxes. It has batch numbers, nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio on the label. Batch numbers are always nice to see. The bottle tips are a little too short and stubby for my liking, but it never caused any issues refilling.



Its a big line with a lot of variety, there is sure to be something for everyone here. My personal top 3 recommendations are Strawberry Milk for the dessert lovers, Cobra Venom for  the mint-heads, and Sour Fruit Crush for the fruit fanatics.

I’d like to thank you for reading. Please follow me here and on Twitter and Instagram @badBeur_Vapes. Want to leave me some feedback or just start a conversation? Leave a comment below. Looking to contact me in regards to reviewing your products? Head on over to the Contact page, or send me a DM on Twiter


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