EDC Liquid’s SDC – Strawberry Dragonfruit Cheesecake!


This e-liquid was sent to me as a gift. Reviews are based off of my own personal opinion. This was tested at 6mg 70VG/30PG across a range of devices.

EDC Liquid: SDC


Today’s juice is a deliciously smooth dessert made by Every Day Carry Liquids, which are manufactured here in Ireland. I love hearing about Irish made e-liquid as the majority of the products I see are UK and USA based. I was delighted when they offered to send me some to try, and jumped at the opportunity.

This is a really smooth dessert that is full of flavour. The body of this liquid is a delicious cheesecake base that didn’t give me that cloying feeling I have gotten from some of the heavier dessert profiles after chain vaping it for a long period. On the inhale I got a soft hint of the strawberry but its on the exhale where the strawberry and dragon fruit concoction really come into their own. The strawberry comes to the front to invoke a creamy sensation while the dragon fruit adds a particular sweetness to it

This juice benefits hugely from a good steep in my opinion. It allows the fruits mature to come through the main body. Personally I like to leave it for at least a month until it turns from a light amber to a darker bronze. Of course, that is all subjective. Let me know what you think is the perfect steeping time.


Bottles and Labels


The bottles themselves are sturdy unicorn bottles which I love. It makes it easy to slip one into a pocket for carrying around during the day, and I have never had one leak on me. They have a needle tip for easy refilling which is always a plus for me as I am a big fan of RTAs.

The labelling has almost everything. It has the standard nicotine warning. Nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio are clearly labelled. My only issue with the labelling is the lack of a bottle size. It is small but I like to have a reminder of the exact capacity of an e-Liquid what with the variation of bottle sizes and styles available. Most importantly they have a mixed-on date included right below the strength. It is nice to have that peace of mind knowing how fresh your juice is. They also have their social media information at the bottom. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!.

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