Hometown Hero’s Angel’s Breath, and Swoke’s Bikini Review


 All e-liquid was purchased with my own money. Reviews are based off of my own personal opinion. All juice was tested at 3mg. Swoke’s Bikini is a 50/50 blend, and Hometown Hero’s Angel’s Breath is 70VG blend.

In this review I have 2 juices from around the world. First up, I have a taste of the tropics in an interesting  tropical fruits concoction, Swoke’s Bikini, made in France. Next up is the juiciest watermelon e-liquid I’ve tasted so far, Hometown Hero’s Angel’s Breath, made in Austin, Texas. These are 2 very different flavour profiles so let’s get started.

Swoke: Bikini


A fresh mix of tropical fruity flavors: passionfruit, coconut, mango and many other surprises.

Swoke Bikini surprised me a little bit. I am a big fan of tropical profiles and have found a lot of them use a strong mango base. This was not the case here. The base consisted of a strong passion fruit , not too overpowering but still has that kick, which allowed the rest of the tropical fruits to peek through. Adjusting my wattage up and down changed the highlight. At the lower end the coconut and some berries started the appear. At the higher end the mango really came through and complimented the passion fruit marvellously. I was expecting this to be a very sweet juice because of the myriad of fruits, but they got it just right. This was a really airy juice that would be perfect for a summer evening on the beach. Fortunately, it still vaped beautifully on a rainy night in Ireland. It just left me looking for a quick weekend getaway


Hometown Hero: Angel’s Breath


Angel’s Breath eliquid by Hometown Hero is a very light menthol version of our most popular flavor, Angel Tears. Angel’s Breath is notorious for being vaped by people who claim to hate menthol, and then make this their all day vape. Try it and see for yourself.

If you are on the search for a watermelon vape you can relax, the search is over. This is such a juicy and refreshing vape. On the inhale we have a  light and airy mouth-watering watermelon. On the exhale the spearmint menthol pokes its head out to really compliment the full bodied watermelon. This is a very light menthol that makes for a great ADV. It is not a sweet melon in slightest. It is a very natural watermelon that I can only describe as juicy. I have nearly vaped 100ml of the stuff at this point and I am trying to hold onto my last bottle for as long as I can.


 Bottles and Labels

Both bottles are up to scratch with everything I like to see. Swoke’s Bikini comes in a lovely little translucent blue glass dripper bottle. The 20ml size is a small bit annoying but I will be holding onto it for whenever I decided to try my hand at DIY. It comes with a clear indication of nicotine strength and an easy to find batch number and bottling date. The PG/VG ratio is on the back hidden in the ingredients. Unfortunately, thanks to the TPD all future bottles will have to be 10ml.

The contrast in the warnings is clear, but I am sure that the FDA will have the skull and crossbones on them soon enough. I love the the fact that they  give a shout out to the artist for the artwork on the label. It is a nice touch. This has a real clean design with the size, strength and VG ratio in big, bold typeface. This bottle was HDPE plastic with a nice needle-point tip. Gotta have those thin tips.


So we had one solid juice and one of the nicest ADVs’ I have ever vaped. Although Bikini was nice, I tired of it quickly. Pair it with a nice drink in the evening and good to go. I have seen the 20ml glass bottles still in stock in a few places for around €15 which is a bit pricey as the new 10mls can be had for about €6.50. Angels breath is a steal at any price. Its that good. €20 for 50mls. It’s a no-brainer.

I’d like to thank you for reading. Please follow me here and on Twitter and Instagram @badBeur_Vapes. Want to leave me some feedback or just start a conversation? Leave a comment below. Looking to contact me in regards to reviewing your products? Head on over to the Contact page, or send me a DM on Twitter



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