Apache Vapes – Warrior Range


 All e-liquid was purchased at a discounted price for the purpose of this review. Reviews are based off of my own personal opinion. All juice was tested at 6mg. Everything was tested at 70 VG except for Sitting Bull, which was 80 VG.

Today we have a review of a the Warrior Range from Apache Vape, a UK based company. They have a massive selection of eliquids with three different lines, which would take a massive amount of time to try. Instead, how about I let you all know what I thought of the Warrior Range.



Sweet lychees, exotic mangos and jackfruit flavours

This was an interesting juice. I found it to be a breath of fresh air in the juice market. It is a little bit different, in a good way. Lychee is the dominating flavour. Very strong, almost menthol-esque in the kick it provides. It drowned out the mango. It was only at the higher wattage that the mango poked its head through, which is a shame as I enjoy a cooler vape for the most part. It has a medicinal type of after taste that is quite unique. I really enjoyed it and felt complimented the lychee profile. It is a lovely juice for the menthol lovers that want to try something different.


Standing Bear


A tropical vape with guava, pineapple and mango flavours.

Standing Bear delivers a beautiful throat kick, courtesy of the strong pineapple. This does not overpower the mango too much. You can still get a very nice sweet mango taste all the way through the vape. On the inhale you are hit with the pineapple directly in the throat, with the mango coming through softly. This switches around on the exhale. The mango dominates the exhale, with the pineapple finishing it off with a tangy nibble that you could not quite call a bite. Really solid juice for somebody looking for a nice tropical vape with a throaty kick.


Sitting Bull


Blueberry ice with apple and watermelon combine to produce an award winning juice.

Standing Bear had the ferocious bite, but Sitting Bull is all about the silky smooth experience. Which is strange for a menthol, but it just works. Buckets of blueberry hit you straight away on the inhale. Then the apple comes in followed quickly by the “menthol”. I say “menthol” because it is actually aniseed used to emulate a menthol. This is what makes it so smooth. On the exhale the blueberry express continues on, with the apple fading into a hint of watermelon. This has one of the strongest and most flavourful blueberries I have gotten yet from an eliquid. A must try for blueberry lovers.


Crazy Horse


Mouth-watering strawberry and lime flavour, exactly like your favourite cider.

Time for something a bit sweeter. The tagline might have you thinking about bags of cans in the sunshine, but I found this to be more of a candy profile than juicy Kopparberg. Nonetheless, it was a tasty vape. Straight away you get a hit with the candied strawberry tones with a noticeable hit of lime layered underneath. The strawberry fades quickly though, and leaves the exhale feeling lacklustre. The lime is not strong enough to carry the exhale on its own. All in all, a really nice candied vape. It is well suited for an ADV as although it is sweet,it is still very light and airy.




Succulent grape flavour bursting with grape juice.

We have reached the star of the range. An almost perfect juicy wine vape. Apache Vape has nailed the sour grape aspect of this. Right away on the inhale you get a very juicy grape, that then becomes mouth-puckeringly sour. If this had a good bite it would be perfect, but its actually quite smooth. The exhales the exact same; super smooth and super juicy. Out of the whole range this was the best ADV. I do not think I would tire of this eliquid.


Red Cloud


Caramelised home made apple pie blended with cinnamon.

This little gem surprised me. The apple pie had a lovely, gentle pie taste that was helped along by the subtle additions of cinnamon. There was no hint of sweetness in this eliquid, but also not much apple. A real husky dessert profile that went great after a meal. Despite the cinnamon it was very smooth. The exhale transforms into a very nice cream. This is another great ADV that does not tire out.


War Dance


Overwhelming cinnamon giving off an intense fiery heat.

While this was a very strong line, this bottle took the word overwhelming literally. I had read that it was supposed to taste like the sweets Fireballs. When I smelled the bottle, which you can smell as soon as you pick up, I was sure it was going to taste just so. Then everything changed when I opened it. Underneath the intense cinnamon was a foul odour that reminded me of vomit. I could only stomach a handful of puffs before calling it quits. The flavour lingered in my RDA for a couple of washes tainting my cotton. This recipe definitely needs a lot of tweaking. I recommend staying far away from this war on your senses.


Bottles & Labels


I am delighted with the packaging from Apache Vape. Each of the flavours has a nice piece of Native American themed art. Bottle size and nicotine strength are clearly labelled on the front. All the TDP compliant warnings are on the back. Batch number and expiration date are on the side. The VG ratio is hidden away in the ingredients. These guys have everything. My only gripe is that half of them came in different bottle types. The purple capped bottles were the harder HDPE bottles. These had slightly longer and thinner tips. The white capped bottles were the softer LDPE bottles. I would of rathered the bottles in the range be consistent.


So a pretty diverse range with really nice eliquids, except for he who shall not be vaped. My personal favourites were definitely Scalped and Geronimo. One of the best grapes i have had the pleasure of vaping and a very unique flavour. Scalped is for adventurous vapers and War Dance is for the masochists! You can pick up the full range for £18. 10ml, 30ml, and 60ml are £4, £10, and £15 respectively. At these prices they are well worth a try.

I’d like to thank you for reading. Please follow me here and on Twitter and Instagram @badBeur_Vapes. Want to leave me some feedback or just start a conversation? Leave a comment below. Looking to contact me in regards to reviewing your products? Head on over to the Contact page, or send me a DM on Twitter


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